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Officinal herbs production and association

Common promotion of local officinal herbs producers.

Brief description

Common promotion of local officinal herbs producers The Montagna & Benessere (Mountain & Wellness) Association joins little local producers and craftsmen working in Roncegno and the surrounding territories, with the aim of supporting them in the production and sell of their products and in facing the market in a more competitive way.

Since its birth it obtained financings both for its common activities (such as the creation of a common laboratory for the officinal herbs processing) and for its single members (such as for the restoration of old buildings for starting new activities). One of the most important Montagna & Benessere activities is constituted by the biological officinal herbs production and sale, which involves six members. The beginning of its promotion activity coincided with the creation of the Roncegno Officinal Herbs Festival, which since 2006 has been organized yearly in the Palace Hotel Park. Montagna & Benessere members produce their own herbal teas, creams and flavoured salts. The Association has created its own mark (Valsugana officinal herbs") for selling the products and organises promotional events. Some Montagna & Benessere members obtained the Trentinerbe mark, a mark promoted by the Trento Autonomous Province for enhancing the local quality herbs production.



  • promoting little local activities (economic and craft-related activities), especially those related to agriculture and officinal herbs farming
  • creating a network of local producers to share the promotion of their products
  • supporting tourism


  • Private producers can increase their business; moreover, they can have better resonance and share some costs (as those related to the maintenance of a laboratory and those related to promotion)
  • Roncegno municipality administration gains tourist promotion for its territory
  • Roncegno CTL (Committee for the tourist and cultural activities) gains tourist promotion for its activities
  • Levico and Roncegno Thermal Bath Organisation benefits from the yearly Herbs Festival, because it's organized in the Palace Hotel park, in this way publicizing it

WHY is the best practice considered as good

The creation of an association focusing on organic herbs farming can keep vital the local economy, stimulating the creation of jobs; at the same time, such farming is very respectful of the territory and compatible with the preservation of the rural landscape, thus encouraging a kind of "soft tourism".

WHAT are the measurable results

  • Organization of the Herbs Festival in the last five years, encouraged by the increasing number of visitors
  • Creation of promotional material
  • Of the original six members of Montagna & Benessere which decided to dedicate to herbs, no-one has left

New opportunities created on the local level

Support to small local producers: just one of the members of Montagna & Benessere had a previous farming activity; the other ones were stimulated and supported by the creation of the association.

Possibility for each small farmer of creating its own herbal products by sharing the costs with other producers.

Financial resources

  • The activities aren't paid by the Association funds: each subject puts in common its own resources and time for organising the various activities, for instance for what regards:
  • creation of products derived by plants;
  • selling and publicity;
  • organization of events related to officinal herbs.

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

The best practice can certainly be transferred and could be an useful instrument for stimulating a sustainable development in little rural villages, as it strengthens the single members in the general competitive economic context.

The convergence between the different interests of local producers and artisans is the necessary condition for the creation of similar associations, which can survive only if the local people are willing to support each other and put in common various resources. Initiatives promoted by public subjects, as well as the availability of financial resources, can of course encourage the constitution of such associations, but the most important element is each member's willingness to participate.

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