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Sombor cauldron festival

Sombor cauldron festival in July is a competition in the cooking of a fish stew. It presents traditional gastronomy offer of the area.

Brief description

Sombor cauldron festival, competition in the cooking of a fish stew, is a manifestation that dates back to 1996 and present traditional gastronomy offer of the area. It is held in the second half of July on the Square of the Holy Trinity in Sombor, also known as the Bald Square („Ćelavi trg“).

It is a day when fish stews in more than 300 cauldrons are being cooked over an open fire in the centre of Sombor and when more than 3,500 visitors learn about the gastronomic magic of preparing a fish stew. Delicious fish, home-made wine and pleasant urban traditional folk music are worth experiencing.

Each competitor has a reserved seating place as well as the whole equipment necessary for participating in the competition. Apart from cooking competition, a musical programme is also organised. Not only are the five best fish stews rewarded but also the best arranged table, five the merriest parties as well as the oldest and the youngest competitor.



Promoting the event and the gastronomy offer of the region in order to increase the number of visitors in the area.


Tourism Organization of the Town of Sombor as well as Tourism Organisation of Vojvodina and Municipality of Sombor benefit from increasing the number of visitors in the region during this event, and their spending during stay in Sombor on local products, souvenirs, visiting tourist attractions.

Local travel agencies benefit directly from organizing tours in the area for visitors.

Local population benefit form offering and selling its products and services (souvenirs, home made products, different agricultural products, accommodation services ect.) to visitors. Also, local population benefit in a sense that tradition of a region and the way of living has being preserved by this event.

For competitors this event is an opportunity to promote him/herself and to show skills in fish stew preparation.

WHY is the best practice considered as good

This event presents the way of living as well as typical gastronomy offer of this area. Therefore, the key factor was tradition and good attendance (over 15 years the festival exists, it is well visited, mostly by local population and population from Vojvodina Province). Also, the high level of participation (competitors) and interest of local population is evident.

WHAT are the measurable results

The number of visitors in Sombor during the festival.

New opportunities created on the local level

Strengthening of the accommodation/food/catering sector.

Financial resources

Financial resources required for the implementation of the best practice are mostly related to the promotion of the event (calendar of events in Sombor municipality, tourism offer brochure, tourism web site which are already in use) in order to attract more visitors  - tourist form country and abroad and to present “whole package” (tourism offer of the area) to potential tourists – visitors of the event.

The festival is financed from the budget of Sombor Municipality, from the financial resources from Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia. The budget for festival organization is about 2.500.000 Serbian Dinars (approximately 25.000 euro).

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

The creation of holiday packages focused on the promotion of  this event as well as whole tourism offer of this area can be easily transferred to other territories. Once observed, the local cultural value to valorise (for example traditional event) the most important local stakeholders must be involved (with meetings and clear delivered information) by showing in detail all the advantages coming from these kinds of actions for them and the whole territory; a plan (steps that must be taken) needs to be drafted and shared with all involved actors. For this kind of best practice no engaging economic investment is necessary.

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