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Zasavje traditional cuisine in local restaurants

A specific cuisine of this industrial region combines different influences of regions its immigrants come from.

Brief description

Today we are focusing on promotion of typical food in local restaurants. In summer 2011, 15 restaurants, their chefs and bartenders/waiters have gone through short course of training regarding the variety of traditional Zasavje dish. 3 of involved restaurants already provide several menus of Zasavje dishes. We are focusing to achieve that all 15 restaurants will get standards to be albe to offer traditional and typical Zasavje cuisine within their menus. Zasavje cuisine is not traditional for the region, but it is typical for (former) industrial and mining areas. It is regions` local speciality in Slovenia.



Promotion of a typical Zasavje cuisine in local restaurants, involvement in cultural tourism programs, involvement in rural tourist offer in the region.


Customers in local restaurants, tourist visitors who enjoy local cuisine, providers of catering and local restaurants with higher income, NGO’s with the promotion of local cuisine, local food producers with higher income. Promotion of typical region`s food in the region, in Slovenia and in foreign countries. Tourists will have wider range of tourist offer, especially tourists, which appreciate quality cultural tourism offer. Region will become more recognizable as cultural tourist destination in Slovenia and in foreign countries.

WHY is the best practice considered as good

More diverse offer in local restaurants, attraction for tourists, preservation of local heritage in a modern way, promotion of cultural tourism in conjunction with local culinary.

WHAT are the measurable results

Number of tourist at the exhibition, number of overnight stay at B&B providers, number of food sold, number of tourists in the region.

New opportunities created on the local level

Strengthening of the food/catering sector, trading between companies and cities, exhibition promoted in tourist guides, cultural exchange between countries.

Financial resources

700 EUR  foto-shooting

2400 EUR workshop

4000 EUR for promotion (flyers, ...)

1000 EUR for menues

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

The procedure can be transferable to different locations in SEE area. Our approach can be transferred to other areas and regions, because we did it step by step by including experts in the field of culinary arts. We can also transfer out approach to (former) industrial and mining regions, which have similar problems and potentials as the Zasavje region.

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