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Alpine Town of the Year

Idrija handed over the title »Alpine Town of the Year« to Annecy (France)
Alpine Town of the Year

The title “Alpine Town of the Year” is awarded every year since 1997 by the international jury made up of delegates of the Alpine Town of the Year Assosiation, CIPRA and Pro Vita Alpina . The title commends an alpine town for its particular commitment to the implementation of the Alpine Convention. The Alpine Convention is an agreement between various countries for the protection and sustainable development in the Alpine Region, signed on November 7th 1991 in Salzburg by Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and European Union and on March 29th 1993 by Slovenia. The convention came into force on  March 6th 1995.

The municipality of Idrija was awarded with the title “Alpine Town of the Year”, because of the sustainable orientation of the work in progress, for example the construction of the new waterworks, canalization, purifying plants, cycling paths and also of  the arrangement of peasant market, which supports the usage of different local resources for the development of economical efficiency.

Among the Sy_CulTour pilot regions also Trento was awarded as “Alpine Town of the Year” in 2004.

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