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Bezdan damask

Bezdan Silk Damask Weaving factory and the museum for weaving from Serbia are presenting a unique tourist motive in Europe.

The production process is performed on 18 weaving looms and 2 spool weaving machines which became protected cultural assets in 2005. According to the resolution of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia, the products of the weaving factory belong to artistic old crafts due to which they have the labels “old crafts product” and stylised label of an open hand.

Production process is performed by hand on Jacquard’s punched card controlled loom that dates back to 1871. The production is operated by 23 weavers who produce approximately 1,000 m2 of textile a month. The production programme consists of hand-woven silk damask for tablecloths, border cloths, napkins and linen. Each produce is a unique item that oozes the style and portrays the designer’s sense of harmony and beauty.

The weaving factory is included into European textile routes and thematic tourist routes in Euro Region Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisza.



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