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Exhibition “Trentino local words. The Community Maps of the Trentino Ecomuseums"

The exhibition “Trentino local words. The Community Maps of the Trentino Ecomuseums" collects the experiences and works of the working groups on this kind of maps (also called Parish Maps) instituted in the seven Ecomuseums of the Trentino Ecomuseums Network.

In order to give an overall view on the project, the accounts referring to the different experiences have been described by using expositive boards.

In the course of summer 2011 the exhibition will be hosted for some weeks, in turn, by each Ecomuseum seat, using the Community Maps to encourage a contact between the involved communities.

The Trentino Ecomuseums Network was born with the aim of stimulating the Trento Province Ecomuseums to collaborate, dialogue and work together.
Community Maps are an useful instrument for reading and intepreting a local territory through the eyes of the local community. One of the strenghts of the Community Map creation is the local residents' participation in the working process: they are encouraged to reflect on the resources of the territory in which they daily live; to put in common their own knowledges; to identify the main themes and to elaborate coherent suggestions for the realisation of the map.
For the fulfillment of the Community Maps proposal and for the creation of a map in which the whole community can recognize itself, each member's willingness to put in common his own knowledges, sensitivity and skills is crucial.

Travelling Exhibition “Trentino local words. The Community Maps of the Trentino Ecomuseums"
Ecomuseo dell’Argentario 22 jun-10 jul 2011
Ecomuseo Val di Peio 11-31 jul 2011
Ecomuseo del Viaggio / Tesino 1-16 aug 2011
Ecomuseo Valle del Chiese 17 aug-4 sept 2011
Ecomuseo  del Viaggio / Valsugana 5 sept-3 oct 2011
Ecomuseo della Juidicaria 4-30 oct 2011
Ecomuseo del Lagorai 4 nov-4 dec 2011
Ecomuseo del Vanoi 5 dec-15 jan 2012

Read more at www.ecomusei.trentino.it

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