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Grožđebal (Grape Picking Celebration) in Sonta

Grožđebal (Grape Picking Celebration) in Sonta is the event which has been held since 1928.

It is dedicated to new grapes, wine, arrival of autumn and traditional customs. It is included in the list of the oldest events in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Republic of Serbia. It is held every year, at the last weekend of September, and as a folklore and tourism event, it has become a symbol of recognition of Sonta in the calendar of tourism events in the Republic of Serbia. The most attractive part of the event is a symbolic wedding of the Prince and the Princess of Grožđebal.

Celebration procession of all the participants in Grožđebal is held on Sunday afternoon with fiacres and carts and horse riders in traditional national costumes of Šokci. It is a great honour to ride in a horse-drawn buggy (fiacre) with the Prince and the Princess and to be the buggy driver in “Šokci Wedding Party”. The horses have always been the pride and glory of Šokci peasant households being especially stylish and elegant for this occasion. Black horses, white horses, chestnut horses which worked hard in the field and helped their owners survive and feed their families. The special attraction is the young people masked in “Feather gatherers, Gypsies and Devils” drown in an improvised gypsy carriage ornamented with autumn fruit.



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