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Heritage of Mercury added on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List

The SY_CULTour project’s pilot region of Idrija (Slovenia) together with the city of Almadén was added on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List on June 30, 2012.

On the 36th session of the World Heritage Committee in Saint Petersburg in Russia (June 24 – July 6, 2012) the Committee added Heritage of Mercury of Almadén (Spain) and Idrija (Slovenia) on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List.

After the tentative nomination of Idrija on the Mercury Route in 2007 and after the nomination of the Mercury and Silver on the Incontinental Camino Real together with Almadén (Spain) and San Luis Potosí (Mexico), which had not received enough support on the 33rd and on the 34th session of the World Heritage Committee in Sevilla (2009) and in Brasilia (2010), Idrija succeeded to fulfil the selection criteria.

The joint inscription of the Sy_CULTour pilot region city of Idrija and of Almadén, the world’s two main extraction centres of strategically important metal on the World heritage List, is beside mercury heritage connected with technical inventions and industrial activities that had an evident worldwide impact on the moulding of cultures, economy and social changes since Medieval times. Controlling mercury extraction enabled control of the market, which became intercontinental, because of the decisive role of the mercury in the extraction of silver from deposits in the New World.

Beside Heritage of Mercury the Geopark Idrija candidates also for registration into the UNESCO’s International Network of Geoparks.

For more info read here (text in Slovenian).

Title page of the nomination dossier Heritage of Mercury: Almadén Idrija:

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