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Officinal herbs on stage

The fest of the officinal herbs of Valsugana has taken place in the Thermal park of Roncegno Terme, one of the most typical villages of the valley, from the 20th to the 24th July 2011.

The programme presented a wide range of initiatives, it is worth mentioning just some of them, as you can find the whole programme in the attachment.  There has been both active initiatives and informative meetings. Among the active practices, an involving two days-activity called “Let’s make the herbarium all together with the medicinal herbs of our woods”, has been carried out in Angeli Mill in Marter, regarding the picking up of herbs and the effective creation of an herbarium. Other practical activities have been organised for children. One called “The herbs of the wood: a didactic laboratory for children”, during which they could get to know the properties of the medicinal herbs in our woods, and the other called “The pharmacy of mother earth” in the Roncegno Thermae, where children could prepare, under Laura Dell’Aquila’s supervision, some core old wives’ remedies to treat common diseases.

Two important informative meetings were organised. One was “The herbs, wisdom and recovery: the usage of the herbs for health and wellness” , lectured by Laura Dell’Aquila, about the principles of phytotherapy and the system of extraction and usage of the herbs of the flora of Levico and Roncegno Thermal parks. The other one called “Spontaneous plants for a therapeutic and eatable use”, was a presentation by the association “Montagna&Benessere” of the brochure “the memory of old usages: spontaneous plants for therapy and for food”, that deals with the properties of officinal herbs and their use in the Trentino tradition.

The last rewarding activity, “Looking for officinal herbs”, consisted in a one-day excursion, accompanied by the herbalist Carlo Signorini, to visit a laboratory and drier of “Officinal herbs of Valsugana”, and the Maso Tesobo, the traditional mountain house, where there is a cultivation of officinal herbs and the visitors could enjoy a special lunch made with herbs. The overall initiative has been really interesting and straightforward according to the topic and has been largely appreciated by the audience.

More details in the leaflet The fest of the officinal herbs.

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