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The Opening Ceremony Of The European Heritage Days 2012 In Idrija

The European Heritage Days 2012 In Idrija
The Opening Ceremony Of The European Heritage Days 2012 In Idrija

Workshop of making žlikrof, a dish with a guaranteed status of traditional specialty

The European Heritage Days 2012 is this year in Idrija a special cause for celebration. During the events of the week and especially on the opening day, is wished to show to each other and to the world how diverse, rich and most of all alive Idrija heritage is – “The Heritage of Mercury”, on 30 June this year enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage List, became a part of this planet’s heritage. Idrija has every right to be proud. Based on the heritage, knowledge and experience of generations upon generations of miners, Idrija lives its present and build its future. This is the message that is wished to be extended to the public on Saturday, 22 September 2012, on the day of the opening ceremony of the European Heritage Days in Slovenia. Numerous artists, cultural institutions, schools, individuals, members of cultural, singing and folkloric groups are a proof that the historic memory of Idrija is strong, alive and makes a basic driving force for many an activity. The old and the young join hands as performers which makes the “heritage experience” celebration also a priceless experience of intergeneration connectivity.



Showing of rye trashing; presentation of the Farm Pr’ Jureč from Ledine on the Mestni trg.


Staging of the discovery of mercury at the church of Saint Trinity.

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