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The valuation of žlikrofi in Idrija

On Saturday, 3th September 2011, Idrija hosted the first public valuation of žlikrofi. Žlikrofi is a traditional regional dish, a sort of pasta with a potato, bacon or lard, onion and spices filling and of characteristic shape.
The valuation of žlikrofi in Idrija

Idrija žlikrofi with bakalica

The valuation of Idrija žlikrofi took place within the Day of local community for the purpose of achieving the quality, defined by the standards of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed. Žlikrofi is the first Slovenian product registrated as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed at the European Commission on the January 15th 2010. The registration protects traditional character in the composition and in means of production, therefore, the recipe and the traditional way of cooking, although production is not limited geographically.

Due to a lack of historian sources, the exact origin of this local dish has not been established yet; probably came to Idrija with the mining inhabitants from Transylvania, which were employed in the mine of mercury. Oral tradition says that žlikrofi were imported to Idrija by the mining family Wernberger in 1814. The supposition of German and not Italian origins has been confirmed by the etymology of the word žlikrofi. The word has origins in the German word Schlit(ch)krapfen ‘slippery dumpling’; indeed,  Idrija žlikrofi are like wiener Schlikkrapfertin small dumplings with special filling’.

The preparation of žlikrofi takes a lot of time and has several stages. The first one is that of making the dough of white wheat flour, egg, oil and water. It is followed by the preparation of the filling –made of potatoes, minced lard or smoked bacon, onions, spices and herbs, formed into small balls. The dough is rolled out into thin layer, and the balls of filling put on it. The dough is folded over the filling and pressed together between the balls, so that a sort of ear shape is gained. The upper end of each of the žlikrof should be pressed down slightly, so that their characteristic hat shape is gained. Žlikrofi are then cooked and served, either with traditional meat sauce, made of sheep or hare meat and called bakalica, or with cracklings, butter, roast meat or others sauces.

For the first time the evaluation of Idrija žlikrofi was public and obligated for those, who want to acquire the certificate of Traditional Speciality Guaranteed. Nine of twelve samples of the dish fulfilled the conditions prescribed in the preservative elaborate and acquired the certificate. At that occasion the mayor of Idrija invited the producers of žlikrofi to promote the Idrija speciality and to convert the day of into the festival of žlikrofi.

The upper end of each of the žlikrof should be pressed down slightly

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