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Browsing and searching cultural values from the SY_CULTour pilot areas

First 116 cultural values are described and published on the SY_CULTour cultural values database

In the SY_CULTour cultural values database it is possible to browse and search among 116 material and non material described cultural values from pilot areas in Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia. Besides descriptions, photos and video materials also data on cultural values' roles in the present society and their potential usability are presented. These data gives added value to individual descriptions and reveal the developmental potentials of cultural values. All texts are written in English and national languages. By clicking the flag it is possible to shift the language. Each cultural value is placed in the Google Maps which enables users to get the geographical aspect. Furthermore cultural values are also classified in the SY_CULTour typology which provides searching among similar types of cultural values. At last but not least the system enables sharing via several social networks.

Tips for searching

Advanced search enables user to search among countries, typology and keywords. Once in the presentation of an individual cultural value it is possible to search in Google Map and detailed typology (marked orange).

We wish you joyful searching and learning about SY_CULTour cultural values!

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