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Browsing and searching official documents on managing cultural values

The most up to date collection of laws, regulations, statements, declarations and other official documents concerning cultural values management in South East Europe and beyond is now available for browsing.

More than 100 laws, regulations, declarations and statements are now available for browsing in this section of SY_CULTour web page. This search tool is intended for all stakeholders wishing to know the formal, institutional side of developing and managing cultural values. Everyone can browse the documents according to the country of the document, spatial level (international, national, regional or local) and legal status of the document (if it is mandatory or not).

Every document describes the definition of certain cultural value, identifies responsible institutions for its implementation and provides information on its weaknesses or strengths. Every document also has an inserted link where it can be downloaded or read in more detail.

The descriptions of documents were made by all project partners and are a part of WP 3: Joint Institutional Framework Analysis, which can be accessed in full in the Documents section.

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