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First activities in the project are already going on

Work package WP3 - Common methodology for management of cultural values in rural areas has already started.

One of the main goals of SY_CULTour project is to develop a common methodology which will help to improve management of cultural values in rural areas. This goal will be achieved through the (1) analysis of existing practices and (2) good practices database. Firstly data on institutional framework considering cultural values in pilot areas and information on cultural values with development potential will be gathered. Meanwhile partners will focus on collecting good practices regarding management of cultural values. While the institutional framework analysis will serve for the formation of a joint definition of cultural values, a database of cultural values and the collection of good practices will be used as an input for preparation of action plans for pilot areas. Additionally Guidelines for identification of cultural values as a development factor in rural areas, Guidelines for identification and participation of stakeholders in management of cultural values in rural areas and Guidelines for the preparation of action plans are expected.

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