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New output available: Joint Institutional Framework Analysis

The first output of the SYCULT_our project is available via our "Documents" section. Joint institutional framework is an important output of WP 3 and a useful document for anyone wishing to know the legal side of cultural values development, utilization and protection.
New output available: Joint Institutional Framework Analysis

Document entitled »Joint institutional framework analysis« is the most up to date collection of laws, regulations, statements, declarations and other official documents concerning cultural values management in South East Europe and beyond. The aim of this document is to assist different private and public stakeholders wishing to develop cultural values as a tourist potential and offer them all the necessary documentation in one, easy-to-handle and informative document. Although it’s primary spatial scope is South East Europe it can be of assistance for other European and non-European actors as well, since it also contains international and European institutional documents. The instruments were collected by all project partners.

All the instruments (laws, regulations, conventions, etc.) will soon be available through a special search tool on the SY_CULTour web page. In the meantime have a look at the joint report in the Documents section.

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