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Presentation of research projects in the Municipality of Idrija

Scholars presented research projects on cultural values in the Center of Idrija Heritage
Presentation of research projects in the Municipality of Idrija

In the framework of the work with stakeholders and dissemination activities of the SY_CULTour project lead partner ZRC SAZU invited scholars of primary and secondary schools in the Municipality of Idrija to prepare research projects on cultural values.  Two primary schools, namely Primary School of Črni Vrh and Primary School of Spodnja Idrija, and Grammar Scool Jurij Vega responded to the invitation.

Young researchers elaborated investigation on different topics from the field of cultural values within the limits of the Municipality of Idrija.  The research project of Tina Batič, Tadeja Bonča, Neja Mravlja, Neža Rudolf and Vesna Žgavec under the supervision of Karmen Simonič Mervic  is a thorough presentation of the trade with lacework in the region of Črni Vrh. The latter two under the supervision of Lilijana Homovec prepared scientifically excellent structured research on the old ways of healing. The scholars from Spodnja Idrija primary school, Barbara Lapajna, Andraž Flander, Domen Strel and Blaž Carli under the supervision of Urška Lahajnar Ubajiogu and Jasna Škerget prepared research on the preparation of the field from spring till autumn, on  the spirit distilling and on the charcoal-burning. Marko Serafimovič from secondary school made out photographically well documented work on (re)use of abandoned buildings.

The committee of experts from the field of geography, philosophy and ethnology examined and estimated the received research projects. Some of them were presented on June 6, 2012, in the Centre of Idrija Heritage. The cooperation of the young researchers and their mentors with SY_CULTour project has brought satisfaction to all involved and has contributed to the synergies of the project.

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