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The first Sycultour short documentary film The Jevaniš small farm blacksmith shop

The first short documentary film within the Sycultour project was made by the lead partner GIAM ZRC SAZU.

Film presents a small farm blacksmith shop, where the smith used charcoal and forged by hand to meet the needs of his own farm and his nearby neighbors for metal items and metalworking services.The aim is to promote a typical small farm blacksmith shop as an example of less known cultural heritage and to set up a museum of blacksmith equipment. In the past such blacksmith shops used to be a common part of larger secluded mountain farms in Slovenia, but in the 1970s most of them were brought to a standstill. Nowadays there are not many people, who could still explain us the procedure of blacksmithing or hand forging and could show the collection of blacksmith tools, as you can see in this documentary film or at the owner of blacksmith shop in Gorenja Kanomlja in Idrija hills.

The film is freely available in the SY_CULTour website among a description of The Jevaniš small farm blacksmith shop and at Youtube.

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