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The guidelines for the management of cultural values in rural areas - the most imoportant SY_CULTour output is available!

The most important project output is available for public in the documents section of the web site. Have a look!

The guidelines try to illustrate in a practical and concrete manner the steps that a local community must take to start discovering, conserving, and especially using their own cultural values for developmental purposes. These are written in the form of
instructions in a simple and user-friendly way. This step-by step manual will lead the reader through six steps from the first idea to the final realization, which might be a new product or service, an experience, or a story based on the cultural values
with development potential.

The guidelines are equipped with examples, tools, and other advice, making them suitable for anyone: any individual, institution, or private enterprise wishing so boost additional development by using cultural values as an aid.

Download the pdf file from the documents section of the web page and share the news or your opinions via our facebook page.

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