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Autonomous Province of Trento - Division for the Surveillance and Promotion of Agricultural Activities (PAT)

The "Division for the Surveillance and Promotion of Agricultural Activities" is part of the Agriculture and Food Department of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Provincia Autonoma di Trento - Servizio Vigilanza e Promozione delle Attivita' Agricole

Via G. B. Trener 3, 38121 Trento (Italy)
www.provincia.tn.it www.trentinoagricoltura.it

Short description of our organisation:

The areas of competence of the Division are strategic planning in agriculture, protection and promotion of the agricultural productions, monitoring and control. Organic Agriculture, medicinal and aromatic plants production, quality products certification (PDO, PGI, Traditional products), phytosanitary control and plant protection, application of EU directives and regulation for the wine and milk sectors are the main field of action of the division.
Covering a surface of 6,200 km2, Trentino lies in the heart of the Alpine area, alongside the Adige River, where different cultures and languages have met and have always cohabited. The main part of the territory is mountainous and 297 lakes enrich its beautiful landscapes. The history of Trentino has deep roots and a long tradition of self government that lead to the recognition of a special autonomy. The improvement of local agriculture, mainly affected by the mountainous landscape and features, pass through the adoption of special policies for the maintenance of the population living with special focus on the safeguarding of mountain agriculture and the improvement of its multiactivity and multifunctionality.
The orographic and climate characteristics of the territory have deeply influenced the agricultural activities of Trentino. In fact, viticulture and fruit cultivation represent the main activities in the lower part of the valleys, whereas animal husbandry has developed at higher altitude.  
Due to the morphology of the territory, the utilised agricultural area only accounts for 22% of the total provincial area, the agricultural farms (20.757) are small-sized (89% are smaller than 5 hectares and 56% smaller than 1 hectare) and the parcels are often steep and displaced in different locations. For this reason, machinery often becomes difficult to be utilized and labour force is needed in order to carry out the work in the different production steps. As a consequence, fixed costs for farmers considerably increase, leading to a loss of competitiveness in comparison to agricultural activities located outside the provincial territory of Trentino with different morphological features. In order to reduce such structural disadvantages, farmers have been cooperating since the end of the 19th century, creating co-operatives for a better management of the several agricultural production steps, namely the conservation, the processing and the marketing. Such a co-operative system has strengthened the agricultural sector, by granting income to the farmers and by reaching high quality production, achieving label of excellence at national and EU level.

Our role in the SY_CULTour project:

Within the project PAT will take part in all the foreseen activities and will develop a pilot action for enhancing the cultural values of the rural population. The pilot action will deal with the sustainable use of officinal herbs and wild plants in the framework of the rural tourism offers. The Province recently developed criteria for the qualification of the local tourist products guaranteeing authenticity and transfer of knowledge between generations and new rules for the collection and production of wild plants and officinal herbs. The pilot area will therefore act as a good practice example for the connection of cultural values, officinal plant and tourism activities. Authenticity of the production, transfer of knowledge and cultural values of mountain communities are the core part of the PAT actions. In the Province territory is active a Eco-museum network that has soon become an important “cultural pole” not only for tourists but also for locals. In collaboration with the Eco-museum network, several actions for safeguard, conservation and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage of Trentino province will been undertaken.    

Name of contact person for the project: Federico Bigaran
Role/position in the project: Steering Committee member, Communication manager
Telephone: + 39 0461 495911
E-mail: federico.bigaran[at]provincia.tn.it

Name of contact person for the project: Barbara Rodegher
Role/position in the project: Deputy project manager
E-mail: barbara.rodegher[at]provincia.tn.it

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