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Electoral Region of Thessaly (RoT)

Region of Thessaly is one of the thirteen regions in Greece, which along with the municipalities, are part of the second level of the local government in the country.

Αιρετή Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας

Koumoundourou & Papanastasiou street (Square of Rigas Feraios)

41110 Larissa


Short description of our organisation:

Region of Thessaly is one of the thirteen regions in Greece, which along with the municipalities, are part of the second level of the local government in the country. Its services are structured in local and regional level. Its responsibilities consist of the design, the organization and the implementation of policies in Thessaly, according to the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion. In recent years there has been efforts aiming to the development and upgrade in the quality of life of the inhabitants in Thessaly.

In this region there are areas with development in tourism – such as the Sporades Islands and Meteora – as well as areas that are tourist deprived although they have very important cultural values and unique local characteristics. Region of Thessaly through a set of programs, acts and policies tries to find solutions for the emergence of those cultural values in these rural areas, with the result of creating a sustainable development in these areas.

Thessaly is a miniature of Greece with beautiful islands, mountains, important religious and cultural sites, modern urban centers that are close to the traditional villages with unique colors and great food.

The area is famous for the well known Greek ancient myths that are linked with its soils: the Mountain of Olympus with the twelve gods, the Pelion Mountain with the Centaurs and Nymphs and Meteora with lots of beautiful monasteries.

The Region of Thessaly is an administrative body that deals with the development of area of Thessaly by participating in actions and programs that assist the municipalities and villages to increase their strength in every aspect of daily life. The primary goal for the Region of Thessaly is sustainable development and all the actions and programs that participate look forward to it. The Region of Thessaly has tried and many times has succeeded to create an innovative environment in all production sectors, in order to enhance the competitiveness, the extroversion and the entrepreneurship of its inhabitants. More general, the Region of Thessaly hopes to implement the use of its centre-position, since it is located in Central Greece, and to become a dynamic regional development pole with interregional and international connections and attractiveness to attract new activities.

Our role in the SY_CULTour project :

Region of Thessaly – RoT – is an ERDF Project Partner (PP4). As active members in the project, we have the responsibility to create a pilot area and involve in it all the necessary conditions in order to implement all the tools, methodologies and techniques that we have prepared along with the other project partners, with the result of developing in one hand our pilot area – or areas – and on the other hand all the others less developed rural areas in the Region of Thessaly, by utilizing all the relevant actions implemented in the project.

As Activity Leader in Act. 4.2., we will contribute in the development and implementation of a common methodology for all the partners for the design and monitoring of trainings and workshops, as well as in the preparation and organization of them by ensuring participations, by giving managing support, by coordinating all the partners and by providing Follow-up advices and tips. Also, we will be responsible for the gathering of all partner’s reports and for their analysis in order to be used in the preparation of action plans in Act. 4.3. In conclusion, we will have to create, organize and implement trainings and workshops for local stakeholders and companies that specialize in tourism for our pilot area of Magnesia.


Name of contact person for the project: Mrs. Mata Papadimopoulou
Role/position in the project: Project manager, Project Advisory Board member

Other project team members:

Name: Mr. Petrou George
Role/position in the project: Project Manager, Financial Manager
Telephone: +302410554026

Name: Mr. Nikos Pitsoulis
Role/position in the project:
Deputy Project Manager
E-mail: pitsoulis@dimitra.gr

Name: Mr. Nikos Mandrekas
Role/position in the project: Technical project manager
E-mail: mandrek@bee.gr

Name: Eleni Papaioannou
Role/position in the project:
Administrative Work

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