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Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI)

In SY_CULTour project the partner would like to upgrade its knowledge to be able to establish cross-sectoral networks.

Επιμελητήριο Ηρακλείου

9 Koronaiou street, 71202, Heraklion, Greece

Short description of our organisation:

HCCI is among the largest chambers of commerce in Greece with more than 20,000 members from all sectors of the economy. However, what characterizes the Chamber is not its size but its extraordinary dynamism and the initiatives it takes in order to accomplish its two-fold role: to provide advice to the State and to develop a network of services to directly assist enterprises. The Chamber is involved in a wide range of activities such as:

  • The training of executives. Over 5,000 businessmen, executives and employees have been trained in various subjects over the last 8 years.
  • Many events aimed at briefing members on various aspects of business operations.
  • Immediate updates via fax, e-mail, and other means of communication.
  • Face to face updates and settlement of problems by Chamber staff.
  • Visits to enterprises-members in order to perceive the conditions and the problems businesses face.

The Heraklion Chamber assists groups of businessmen with particular needs via the creation of specialized bureaus such as the Young Entrepreneurs Centre, the Female Enterprise Office, the public relations office, which presents the Chamber’s work and provides updates to members on activities, development issues and other operational matters, the Enterprise Europe Network which informs enterprises about developments in Europe, specifically about support for small-medium sized enterprises, European law, fairs, European programs, the demand for products, databases, etc., a separate Development Department which deals with infrastructure matters for soft actions and other forms of support for businesses and which puts forward proposals on the improvement of conditions for enterprises.

The Heraklion Chamber played a leading role in the establishment of development agencies such as:

  • The Manufacturing Park of Anopolis.
  • The International Exhibition Centre of Crete.
  • A Guarantee Society.
  • The Cooperative Bank of Crete.

The Chamber provides real and constructive services to the State in order to improve the conditions under which enterprises operate (its institutional role), and furthermore cooperates harmoniously with bodies such as:

  • The Secretariat General of the Region of Crete.
  • Local Government.
  • Research and Educational Institutions.
  • Associations of its members.
  • Other Chambers (Economic, Technical, Geological/Technical chamber, and so on) for the advancement of important issues concerning development and the improvement of the quality of life.

Heraklion Chamber is a member in the following bodies:

  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • International Chamber of Commerce
  • Euro-Chambers – Member of the network of the Association of the European Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Insuleur – Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the E.U.
  • Arab-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Development


  • Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Chambers Group for the Development of Greek Isles


  • Pancretan Co-operative Bank
  • International Exhibition Centre of Crete
  • Company for the Development of Cretan Enterprises ANAPTYKSIAKI SA
  • Centre for Business and Technological Development of Crete (Keta-Kritis)
  • Innovation Pole of Crete

Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Industry has participated in various European and regional innovation projects such as CR.INNO. (Crete Innovative Region), Regional Innovation Pole of Crete (www.i4crete.gr), Regcon (Region Construction Clustering initiative www.regcon.org) and various Interreg projects.

Our role in the SY_CULTour project:

As a member of the Enterprise Europe Network the partner has established contacts with different policy making institutions in the SEE area. It will therefore play an important role also in networking activities for promotion of the common methodology and the virtual chamber. Due to its extensive partnership in the field of tourism innovation actions it will organise the international networking conference to which relevant institutions from the network will be invited.

Name of contact person for the project: Dr. Michael Kataharakis
Role/position in the project: Steering Committee member
Telephone: 00302810344738
E-mail: katharak[at]katartisi.gr

Other project team members:
Name: Katia Tzanaki
Role/position in the project: Financial manager, Deputy project manager
E-mail: tzanaki[at]ebeh.gr

Other project team members:
Name: Georgia Papadaki
Role/position in the project: Deputy project manager
E-mail: papadaki[at]katartisi.gr

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