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Mountain Community Sirentina (CMS)

Mountain Community Sirentina, in cooperation with the rest of the involved partners, is engaged in finding new uses for local cultural values in order to promote the creation of additional sustainable local economic opportunities.

Comunità Montana Sirentina (PP3)

S.P. n. 11 Sirentina n. 14, Secinaro, 67029 (Aquila) Italy

Short description of our organisation:

Mountain Community Sirentina is located in the Region of Abruzzo, in the province of Aquila, close to the cities of Avezzano, Sulmona and Aquila; it expands to the North-East of Sirente Mountain (2.340 meters) and its area covers about 425 square km. It is a local government body that, through the establishment of partnerships, is engaged in the achievement of municipal functions as well as in the supply of fundamental services to local populations for a better execution of the duties assigned to local governments under a profile of efficiency, efficacy, inexpensiveness and adherence to social and territorial conditions. Mountain Community Sirentina, whose territory is included in the Regional Park Sirente Velino is made of 14 municipalities: Acciano; Castel di Ieri; Castelvecchio Subequo; Fagnano Alto; Fontecchio;  Gagliano Aterno; Goriano Sicoli;  Molina Aterno; Ovindoli; Rocca di Cambio; Rocca di Mezzo;  San Demetrio Ne’ Vestini;  Secinaro; Tione degli Abruzzi.  8 full time employees and 2 managers form the staff of the MCS who work to provide important services, sustainable development and the promotion of local communities.

Our role in the SY_CULTour project:

MCS plays an important role in supporting the consortium in finding innovative ways of engaging the discovered cultural values in useful actions to implement locally; in fostering all the new rural cultural opportunities created thanks to the project, in facilitating their promotion; in ensuring their connection with the already existing networks engaged in sustainable tourism.

Name of contact person for the project: Giovanni Pizzocchia
Role/position in the project: Communication manager
Telephone: +39-0864 79175
E-mail: g.pizzocchia[at]sirentina.it

Other project team members:
Name: Francesco Di Giacomo
Role/position in the project: Steering Committee member
E-mail: info@umbriautc.org

Other project team members:
Name: Luciano Lauteri
Role/position in the project: Communication manager, Deputy project manager
E-mail: luciano[at]atsr.net

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