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Municipality of Jesenice

The Municipality of Jesenice implements the activities of local self-government with an emphasis on economic development of the area it covers.

Občina Jesenice

Cesta železarjev 6, 4270 Jesenice

Short description of our organisation:

It also covers the field of cultural and natural heritage conservation where it cooperates with professionals from other institutions and with external experts. The Municipality is especially focused on creation and development of new touristic products with which it would like to stimulate investments in cultural heritage and develop cultural tourism destination of Jesenice. It is called the city of steel and flowers, because it is known by its rich iron tradition, which has a great potential in cultural and touristic meaning for development of less developed areas. It is also known by its beautiful nature, especially mountains, where you can mountaineer and daffodils.

Our role in the SY_CULTour project :

The Municipality of Jesenice will represent one of the pilot areas where the pilot action will be implemented according to the action plan. Even though there are clear objectives defined in different development strategies there was no action plan developed so far about how to reach those objectives. The municipality will therefore mainly contribute to the ideas how to manage cultural values in rural areas and will use good practices of other partners to develop the area. It will prepare a database of cultural values in Jesenice area and an institutional framework analysis for the region. Furthermore, it will contribute to the preparation of policy recommendations and dissemination of project results to other municipalities in Slovenia through its membership in the Association of municipalities and towns in Slovenia.

Name of contact person for the project: Nataša Jovičić
Role/position in the project: Steering Committee member
Telephone: +386 4 58 69 260
E-mail: natasa.jovicic[at]jesenice.si

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