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Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Anton Melik Geographical Institute (ZRC SAZU)

ZRC SAZU is the leading Slovenian research institution in social sciences and humanities and has abundant experience in studying less favoured areas, marginalisation of regions, rural cultural heritage and regional development.

Znanstvenoraziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti, Geografski inštitut Antona Melika

Novi trg 2, Ljubljana, 1000 Slovenia

Short description of our organisation:

From a regional development perspective it has a strong team of researchers dealing with development issues of less favoured areas with many national references in applied research.

Furthermore, it is a national coordinator of Cultural Intangible Heritage of Slovenia and is therefore responsible for the preparation of recommendations for the Register of Intangible Heritage and for implementation of the UNESCO convention. Through its membership in different national and international associations and working groups ZRC SAZU recognises the problems in management of cultural values in rural areas and is therefore committed to find solutions to tackle them within the SY_CULTour project. As a member of the government working group for changes to the Law on regional development the partner will enforce the methodology for management of cultural values to be a factor of sustainable regional development of rural areas.

Due to the problems identified in less favoured rural areas in previous analyses ZRC SAZU decided to generate a new project proposals and to find relevant regional and local partners to test the common methodology in pilot less favoured rural areas.

Our role in the SY_CULTour project :

ZRC SAZU is the Lead partner of the project – it bears responsibility for the creation, implementation and administration of the project. We were responsible for project preparation, organisation of preparatory project meeting project kick off meeting. We are also managing WP 1, which is the financial and administrative management of the project. We also manage WP 2, which is responsible for preparing Project communication plan and project web site as well as other promotional material.

We are also the leader of WP 3 that is preparing a common methodology for management of cultural values in rural areas –we are preparing instructions for reporting about the institutional framework and the cultural values in pilot areas and are coordinating the work of partners for preparation of joint outputs. We are also leaders of activities in other work packages in the project and are working together with Idrija municipality, which is our local pilot region.

Name of contact person for the project: Dr. David Bole
Role/position in the project: Project manager, Steering Committee member
Telephone: +386 12 00 27 22
E-mail: david.bole[at]zrc-sazu.si

Other project team members:
Name: Petra Rus
Role/position in the project: Project communication manager, Financial manager
E-mail: petra.rus[at]zrc-sazu.si

Name: Msc. Mateja Šmid Hribar
Role/position in the project: Deputy project manager
E-mail: mateja.smid[at]zrc-sazu.si

Name: Lina Pavletič
Role/position in the project: Technical project manager
E-mail: lina.pavletic[at]alianta.si

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