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Pilot areas

Get to know the pilot areas
  • Idrija (Slovenia)

    Idrija is a hilly municipality in the Slovenian Alps. The majority of 12,000 inhabitants live in two towns in the valley, while surrounding hills are rural. → read more

  • Trentino (Italy)

    Ecomusei del Trentino is a network of municipalities and associations (issued by the Provincial Law nr. 13, 9th November 2000) grouped into seven areas. → read more

  • Zasavje (Slovenia)

    The Zasavje region is located in the centre of Slovenia along the middle current of the Sava river and consists of 3 municipalities Hrastnik, Trbovlje an Zagorje ob Savi. → read more

  • Regional Park Sirente Velino (Italy)

    The Sirente Mountain Community is situated in the province of L’Aquila (Abruzzo Region), which has two of the highest Apennine mountains: Mount Sirente (2,078m) and Mount Velino (2,486m) and where the Aterno River flows. → read more

  • Pelion (Greece)

    Pelion is one of the greatest and known mountains in Greece and the most populous, with its twenty four villages around it. → read more

  • Jesenice (Slovenia)

    Municipality of Jesenice is a long valley which is situated between Karavanke range and Julian Alps. → read more

  • Crete (Greece)

    Crete is the largest and most popular Greek island and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. → read more

  • Region of Pazardzhik (Bulgaria)

    Strelcha is a low-mountainous and hilly to valley-type of municipality with four villages and a single town where most of the population and economic activities are concentrated. → read more

  • Central Transdanubia (Hungary)

    The Tapolcai sub-region is located the southwest part of the Central Transdanubian Region. The area is relatively rarely populated and the unemployment rate is quite high. → read more

  • Vojvodina (Serbia)

    The municipalities of Sombor and Apatin are situated in the northwestern part of Vojvodina Province, close to the border with Croatia and the river Danube. → read more

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