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Idrija (Slovenia)

Idrija is a hilly municipality in the Slovenian Alps. The majority of 12,000 inhabitants live in two towns in the valley, while surrounding hills are rural.

It has a rich mining heritage (once the most important mercury mine), which transcends into present day. High-tech industry is the most important economic activity. Public services and tourism are growing, but are underrepresented.
In cultural tradition, lace-making in Idrija especially stands out. Other than mining, making lace by hand is Idrija’s best-known activity and was highly developed. It boasts several centuries of tradition and renown, and has played a vital role in shaping identity. Dating back to the end of the seventeenth century, it used to be an additional source of income for mining families. Lace has been a valuable product and it is valued as a cultural treasure that must be preserved and at the same time further improved.

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