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Jesenice (Slovenia)

Municipality of Jesenice is a long valley which is situated between Karavanke range and Julian Alps.

The majority of 22.000 inhabitants live in town of Jesenice and only a few hundred of them live in the Karavanke range and Mežakla plateau rural areas. The steel industry has been the most important economic activity in the Municipality of Jesenice and still has a strong economic impact on wider environment.
A rich and varied history has left indelible traces in the town and its inhabitants. Numerous cultural monuments, interesting town-house facades, museum collections preserved records attract the attention of the visitor and foster the desire to take a closer look. In the Municipality of Jesenice there are some lovely villages. Municipality of Jesenice is a typical post-industrial city that still has certain structural and economic problems, which sought to tackle the various economic social measures.

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