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Trentino (Italy)

Ecomusei del Trentino is a network of municipalities and associations (issued by the Provincial Law nr. 13, 9th November 2000) grouped into seven areas.

By a cultural point of view the territories composing an Ecomuseo are characterised by a common historical background. Ecomusei have also in common their placement in mainly rural and mountainous areas and a rich cultural heritage rooted in traditional rural life. Mountain, with its environment and geomorphology, played a key role in determining the Ecomusei settlements' history and structure, as well as in shaping local typical activities.
Agriculture is still quite an important activity in Ecomusei's territories, where some “malga” (traditional cowsheds, also used for the dairy production) and pastures still survive, but it's endangered by the remarkable population decline characterising most of the municipalities, due to young people emigration and subsequent aging population. Municipalities involved in Ecomusei are trying to protect their specific identity and develop as cultural tourism destinations, by means of the rediscover of their cultural and natural heritage through historical re-evocations, the creation of thematic routes and educational projects mainly addressing resident people.

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